Changing Room Equipment for Smurfit Kappa

29.05.2020 10:00 Case studies

In February 2020, we completed a project for the changing room equipment for the company Smurfit Kappa Žimrovice. Due to their non-standard requirements for the changing room equipment and the delivery of special locker cabinets, we have decided to describe the whole process of the implementation of this project in detail. In this way, we will show you a model of the successful implementation of this project and the correct attitude of the customer.

Changing Room Equipment for a Swedish Food Store Chain

09.04.2020 09:00 Implemented projects

Last year, we delivered Z garment lockers to a major Swedish food store chain with more than 1,200 stores in Sweden and Denmark. The customer chose an elegant design in a dark anthracite colour with laminated doors of a lighter grey shade. It must be said that it was a really happy choice.

Electrically Height-Adjustable Ergonomic Workbenches

16.03.2020 22:54 Implemented projects

We have designed and manufactured special height-adjustable workbenches for a major customer engaged in the production of components for the automotive industry.

Modern Adaptable Workshop Furniture

25.02.2020 00:00 Implemented projects

New creative ideas, project proposals and final products emerge on the workbench. Such a place needs attention, which is a well-known fact in the vocational training centre, which we have furnished with modern workshop furniture that will support the creative spirit of the apprentices and facilitate their daily work.

ALSOR Workbenches for Electrical Classroom

12.02.2020 09:58 Implemented projects

We have prepared massive mechanically height-adjustable workbenches of the ALSOR line for an electrical classroom. The worktops and storage shelves are made of laminated chipboard with an ABS edge. LED lighting is placed under the shelves.

Chrudim Secondary Technical School Equipment

05.02.2020 21:40 Implemented projects

Matching colours which we like for RAL 7035 body, RAL 5012 door. Delivery and installation of garment lockers for the school changing rooms. A 400 mm module.

Changing Room Equipment for Chrast Primary School

29.01.2020 10:54 Implemented projects

The durability of the system used is above standard. The use of metal furniture is also a significant benefit for increasing fire resistance.

PREMIUM School Garment Lockers

21.01.2020 12:08 Implemented projects

Delivery of garment lockers with overlay doors for school changing rooms. The door is equipped with a door opening angle limiter. A 0.8 mm thick steel sheet is used for the door structure and the body.
The door has a durable double plated structure. The lockers are locked with a safety padlock.

Automated Production System

30.12.2019 07:12 Technical information

This year, we have put into operation an automated production system consisting of an automated warehouse and two robotic lines.

New Warehouse

27.12.2019 06:46 Technical information

This year, a new warehouse with an area of 1000 m2 was put into operation. This storage facility serves as a warehouse for finished products, and is structurally connected with the production halls. The aim of the project was to ensure sufficient storage space, minimize material movements and streamline the shipping process.